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Electroplating is a method of applying a metal coating to an object, in our case a piece of jewelry, by placing it in a solution containing the metal to be plated and passing an electric current through the workpiece and the solution. Most pure metals can be electroplated.

We use an advanced thickening electroplating process, which has good whiteness and discoloration resistance-for decorative applications.0.5mm gold plating process not only protects the metal surface of jewelry, but also makes the surface of metal jewelry more beautiful.

1. Use standard 18k gold electroplated carat gold jewelry to give richer gold.
2. Electroplating with carat or pure gold to obtain a more uniform color, hiding the color changes of components and welding wires.
3. Electroplating to produce different desired colors; by co-depositing gold with other metals, a variety of colors can be obtained.

We also need to have a good control of the ingredients. Generally speaking, it will not make you allergic to wear and has a uniform gold content on the entire surface and the entire thickness.