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Lotteds is an experimental design studio. Established in 2015 and based in Hongkong. Our designers and the team consists of fashion designers, architectural environmentalists and industrial stylists. Our designs take inspiration from the prevalence of AI, industrial manufacturing processes and emotions in our daily lives.
Our jewelry is made of aerospace grade 316L stainless steel, combined with high quality vacuum plated platinum / 18K gold to give jewelry luster and lasting color.

Why don't we use other materials?

We studied a lot of jewelry materials: alloys and copper tend to fade and cause skin irritation. The mining of gold and silver will accelerate the irreversible environmental damage of the industrial age.
To ensure a positive impact on both the environment and local communities, we use recycled aerospace parts or skyscrapers with316L stainless steel. Plus, 40% of our silver pieces are made with certified recycled gold and 60% with responsibly mined silver. There is no visible difference in the appearance of our silver jewelry between recycled and responsibly mined gold.
While we aim to prioritize certified recycled silver across our collections, we ensure that any new, responsibly mined silver is traceable to suppliers who are certified against international sustainability standards and best practices such as the Responsible Jewelry Council.
When we design and create the jewelry you love, we do it by balancing beauty and environment rather than sacrificing one for the other. We work along our entire production ecosystem, from sourcing and manufacturing to branding, to mitigate impact on the environment, support and empower our partners and give back to our community. To do this for the long-term, we require full transparency across all of our activities, including where all our materials come from, how they were processed, the working conditions our pieces were made in, and our overall contribution to climate change.