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Oval shaped Alexandrite Engagement set,Rose Gold ring set, curved CZ wedding band,Baguette wedding band,bridal set,anniversary set

$172.48 USD $519.00 USD Save 67%
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Ring size
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Band color
14k rose gold
14k rose gold
14k white gold
14k yellow gold
18k rose gold
18k white gold
18k yellow gold

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We promise all products:Water-resistant, will not turn the skin green, will never lose its color, hypoallergenic


  • Lotteds jewelry handmade, high quality items Unique moonstone bridal set rose gold engagement ring art deco wedding ring rainbow moonstone ring

Handmade item


  • Gold, Platinum, Rose gold, White gold


  • Moonstone

Gem color:

  • Purple

Band color:

  • Rose gold


  • Art deco


Can be personalized

Made to Order:

  • We are jewelry artisans and manufacturers.
  • Every Jewelry is made from the very scratch, and made by hand and carefully polished especially for you.
  • Contact us to customize any jewelry